The 1st International Shed with the Chandelier Postcard/Mail Art exhibition – Creating a space for you to create.

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Open submission Postcard/Mail Art Exhibition

Come and join in, no matter where you are in the world: The 1st International Shed with the Chandelier  postcard/mail art exhibition.

I sat, back in December of 2012, on my chair in the Shed with the Chandelier , and in one of my day-dream moments I found myself staring at a blank space on the wall and thought; “wouldn’t it be great to have postcards pinned up there?”. Postcards from the people in the Shed with the Chandelier community, postcards from the artists, writers, poets, photographers, musicians, composers, filmmakers, designers etc.  Postcards that can be  shared with the world on the website. A little Shed with the Chandelier exhibition. I mentioned it on our Shed with the Chandelier Facebook group and they agreed.

Do you want to find out more information about how you can be part of the  1st International Shed with the Chandelier Postcard/Mail Art Exhibition?  Keep reading, the details are below.

A place for a postcard?

A place for a postcard?

Ok, are you like me? Do you feel the days of sending and receiving letters and postcards are becoming a little bit rare? 

There were days when my boyfriend/now husband would be in far-flung places in the world, and a card would appear in my art school halls of residence,  now  almost a distant memory. Where the card may have left a ship in some exotic climate; in the humid heat of Singapore, the African coast or some middle eastern port, encapsulating the sense of its origins – those days are becoming more and more distant to us all I fear.                 

Post a card?

Post a card

 However, the tradition of sending images by snail mail has been continued in the form of Mail Art. Postcards by artists and creative individuals; altered images, new decorations, imaginatively embellished and sent for gallery exhibition is still ongoing. So come and join in the fun.

Open submission Postcard/Mail Art Exhibition

Come and join in, no matter where you are in the world: The 1st International Shed with the Chandelier  postcard/mail art exhibition.  Here’s all you have to do:

  • Create a A6 postcard (approx 4 X 6 inches)  It’s up to you what you show, a little spotlight on a creative moment in your day… written, painted, cut, notes of music, collaged thoughts, scribbled memories, paper mosaic, textile, metal, embellished dreams, photomontage, … it’s up to you, your original work.

  •  Those who are writers/poets/composers/filmmakers can write, type, stitch, embossed, print, stamp their words onto a postcard, or if you have a link to a clip of music/audio work you want to share, write it the card too – experiment and use the space to send a little piece of what you say or do in the mail, go to the post box or post office and stick on a  postage stamp and lets see what happens. 

pinterest postcard examples copy

If you need any ideas to get you going, check the Pinterest board by clicking on this image to reach the board or contact me : Tracy below

Check out the Pinterest board 

How does this benefit you?

  • Positive progress in own practice

  • Artist interaction and connection

  • Exposure 

  • To be part of an international and diverse artist group

  • Very low-cost to be involved

  • Knowing each contribution is valued 

Who can take part? 

 Anyone who is either a member of the Facebook group or you receive the free newsletter can take part; if you are not a member of either, simply check us out on facebook   for a little shared creative inspiration. 


  • Your postcard can be 2D or 3D, as long as it fits in a standard size envelope. You can’t find a blank postcard? cover/stick a piece of paper an existing one or seal up an envelope and get to work, with the address on the other side. Make sure you put your name on the card. 

  • Cost? Its FREE.  

  • Please Mail your postcard by  11 November 2013

Where will my postcard be seen? 

  • The postcards will be featured on the Shed with the Chandelier website with your name (and any relevant website/blog if you wish, make sure you write the URL address clearly on the card – don’t worry, you don’t have to do this to enter)

  • When the postcard arrives at the Shed with the  Chandelier it will  be photographed in situ and posted on the Facebook group page too, again with accreditation. For all to see.

  • We have already an offer for the postcards to tour to another country, you never know who will get to see your work next.     

  • As ever I advertise all the Shed with the Chandelier posts on: Twitter, facebook and google+ 

* Remember the Postcard  is to be your own original artwork 

Where do I send it to: 

The Shed with the Chandelier

c/o Tracy McAlister Mackay

(Postcard Exhibition)

PO Box 52170

Limassol 4063


*Make sure you put your name, date of work with your message on the back of the card . ( please send me your email address/ postal address below in the contact box – this will only be used to contact you with further exhibition info)

So to recap: 

  • start making your mail art today, on your postcard and finish it before 31 October 2013

  • write your message and details on the back  of the card and address it to the Shed with the Chandelier

  • stick a stamp on and put in the mail.

  • fill out the form below

  • I look forward to putting it on the wall of the real and virtural Shed with the Chandelier 🙂

Not so “small print”
***Hopefully you will be happy for the postcard to take its own journey and not return to sender … think of a message in a bottle perhaps… that way we keep the exhibition low cost for all concerned… but if  you would like your postcard to be returned, please send a SAE with your submission (international postage will be required from you -the Shed with the Chandelier is on an island in the Mediterranean. ) 
** make sure you take a photo of your postcard, front and back, for your personal records. Unfortunately, these photos cannot be posted on the website because of time restrictions. The work must come by mail to the Shed with the Chandelier. The Shed with the Chandelier cannot take responsibility for loss of the postcard.
* We retain the right not to display any work deemed inappropriate to the site. 
No matter what, you will be always credited for you work as far as humanly possible 🙂                    
the space on the wall awaits your card...

the space on the wall awaits your card… photo credit: Heather McHale

So here we go creative adventure time, perfectionism and procrastination: blow them out of the window – they are bubbles of doubt about to be burst! Lets have a bit of fun and I look forward to the postcards winging their way into the Shed with the Chandelier, I can see them coming now!

As ever, if you have any questions, feel a little blocked, contact me Tracy by filling out the form below or visit us at the Shed with the Chandelier facebook page.