My angiogram / ‘happy’ top ten playlist

Posted on April 3, 2014 by in Inspiration

I am told top ten lists are good for your blog, so they say, who ever “they” may be…the inimitable collective “they”.  I have been asked to write guests blog posts in the past with my top ten tips of how to be creative. And I have always struggled at defining them or rather struggled with the presumption that my top ten would  be relevant to the readers of other people’s blogs, when I don’t know the reader’s personally.  We are all so different, are we not? Yesterday I found a reason why…why I need a top ten list of music on hand and today I wonder if perhaps it might inspire you to create your own: for times when you might need to get your mind in a good place… 

Yesterday I made a visit to my favourite hospital on the island. I have a heart condition ( I have a pacemaker,  I haven’t had a heart attack, nor do I have heart disease in the way many assume) but something new appeared recently, unexpectedly and so tests had to take place (and after my putting off the inevitable, with lots of very good reason) yesterday was the day for one of them- the angiogram.

Cypriot figure at the American Medical Centre, Nicosia


Cypriot figure – American Medical Centre, Nicosia


I couldn’t have a more understanding consultant to guide me through my particular unique vein, artery and electrical situation of the heart. The hospital feels like it was designed just for me: they have great large-scale artwork and archeology on display – things I love. The hospital building’s colours, use of natural light, metal, glass, stone and wood are beautifully chosen … plus fantastic medical facilities and of course great doctors and other medical staff too! But understandably I was still nervous.

As sometimes happen, a good friend got in touch just when my new symptoms were presenting,  just at the right time and we got talking about music and films. As a result of the conversation I began to build a playlist of music, favourites from over the years or perhaps stuff I just haven’t had time to listen to for a while and new discoveries too.  Rediscovering my random musical tastes. My musical autobiography perhaps: each with its own story.We discussed movies and music, specifically those that make you feel good, perhaps aid us on the way to recovery from illness? 

Fast-forward a few months and the playlist has grown and I am now at the stage of my life where really, do I need to explain away the ‘uncoolness’ of some of my choices? No – So I picked out a few tracks to take to the hospital, for the simple reason: they made me feel good and I felt they would relax me too, during the procedure, my consultant agreed – he knows me well. 

So here it is – my playlist, listened through earphones whilst great doctors and nurses did there stuff, and I can tell you it definitely helped calm my mind during the angiogram, with the support of my lovely husband and the considerate cardiologist: Dr Savvas S. Constantinides and his team.  Happily the result of the angiogram was good – lovely disease free arteries and so back to the Shed with the Chandelier – where I am happy to be!

My personal angiogram top ten playlist: well top 11 and few more:

1 Pharrell Williams: Happy

2 Bill Withers: Lovely day

3 Jamiroquai – Seven Days In Sunny June

4 Paolo Nutini – Scream from Caustic Love

5 Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

6 Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

7 Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

8 Jose Gonzelez – Stay Alive

9 Rudimental – Feel the Love ft. John Newman

10 George Harrison – Here comes the Sun

11 Beyonce – Crazy in Love

( after the procedure : 12.Lighthouse Family – Ocean Drive 13. David Bowie – Absolute beginners, 14. Take that – Shine..Simply Red…Al Green…Paolo Conte…The Corrs…Grace Jones…Sheryl Crow, Beyonce -Halo..Van Morrison, Nancy Wilson, Jerry Rafferty…)

What would be on your personal “happy” playlist? Let me know in the comments below.