“Following the Shed with the Chandelier and enjoying the unique inspiration it gives me, is like reading a story that get more interesting and meaningful, the more you read. Tracy has created a space for creatives that truly allows us all to engage with the stories of others and find a place for our creative selves again”

Lulu Horsfield MA Pattern Designer    Website   

A quick note Tracy, to say thanks again for keeping this going and to everyone who's engaging with these pages. They're giving me lots of inspiration and things to think about. Must go and create!

Lynne - writer, artist and blogger    UK    Website   

"I feel so privileged to share with' Sheddies' their creative processes. It lends a 'can do' attitude to everything I attempt and I have taken on projects I would never have tried before - from creating a stage set, to crafting a tiara of fine gold wire and pearls, to choreographing a dance routine for a show. There now seems no end to the possibilites!...."

Christine Kebble Watson    Cyprus   

I have enjoyed the interaction of the Shed and its members diverse creative processes. More so it dilutes the sense of insularity I sometimes feel working on a very small island....

Steve Bonello - Illustrator/cartoonist    Malta    Website   

I really like the way that Tracy made the "Shed with the Chandelier" as a place where you can be inspired, talk about your art and share creative process with others. I am not a very chatty person but am going to engage with the conversations more as it feels very warm and welcoming.

Izabela Motyl, Designer/maker    UK    Website   

Thank you, Tracy, for providing this space of inspiration and encouragement. It has helped me to get out and create more. Seeing what others do has been rather inspirational. I am looking forward to interacting with others via the Shed with the Chandelier too and seeing what more there is.

Irena Ellis - artist / gallery educator    CZ    Website   

I first met Tracy through twitter, when I fell in love with her Chandelier in her Shed ! I have an adult sized treehouse, and have always been intrigued by beautiful small spaces. I am so happy that I found her and her wee shed. It is a beautiful example of how social media can grow relationships, businesses and FRIENDSHIPS ! It has been so fun getting to know Tracy and discovering her love of bringing people together.

It has been an absolute pleasure following the Shed on Facebook too. I love how it is a caring,open space where creative, like minded entrepreneurs can grow together and learn from each other.

Thank you Tracy for making all of that happen !!
Many Hugs !!

Lynne Knowlton - Designer/lifestyle blogger    Canada    Website   

I have a background in Art & Design as I am a trained Fashion & Textile Designer, and a qualified Art Teacher. In my current life in Cyprus I run my own Sports Massage Therapy business and I make high quality pure essential oil perfumes. Art and Design is my passion and Tracy has given us the forum, via The Shed with the Chandelier, to be part of an art loving community wherever we are based. We often discuss interesting articles, current exhibitions and topics that are currently inspiring/moving us. Tracy gives us support with our ventures of all types and helps us to see the creative side of whatever we are involved in. Thank you Tracy for this invaluable resource which has touched our lives in many ways.

Eva Evangelou - Sports Masseuse, Essential Oil Perfumer and hibernating Artist/Designer, Cyprus    , Med.    Website   

During the making of my film "The Seed of a Spark of a Glimmer" I interviewed over 70 artists from around the world about how and why they create. Two recurring themes, on what it takes to be a successful artist, were the importance of collaboration and having confidence in what you do. "The Shed with the Chandelier" encourages connections between artists and acts as a support when confidence is down. Congratulations on your work and what it gives to the creative community on a whole.

Wade Ranson    Perth, Australia    Website   

I first came across Tracy and her awesome Shed with a Chandelier some months back when we talked textiles. Coming from the fashion business (I worked for several years alongside Hubert de Givenchy) we immediately hit it off and Tracy was the first person for a very long time who encouraged me to blow that creative bubble that was fighting to be set free! I, like many members of Tracy's community do not "do creative" for a living, I am in fact a PR consultant and sometime hostess of our B and B in rural France. However, since I have been paying regular visits to the Shed I have noticed my creativity has started flowing again having laid dormant for such a long time. The great thing about the Shed is that you can pop in and out when you feel like it. You can contribute, find inspiration or simply admire ... whatever takes your mood.
Congratulations Tracy for this wonderful initiative and thank you for being Creative Godmother Extraordinaire ... to me and to us all!

Elizabeth Floriant    Burgundy, France    Website   

As a recently graduate artist, it's been really great to be part of the Shed with the Chandelier. Tracy has been really welcome and encouraging, she has made the Chandelier a shelter for all us artists, a place for inspiration and exchanging ideas. Keep on with the great work xx

Eleni Vakali    Athens, Greece    Website   

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