Welcome to the Shed with the Chandelier Conversations.


Hi, my name is  Tracy McAlister Mackay, I trained at the Glasgow School of Art and University of London’s Goldsmiths College in the UK: in Design and Fine Art Textiles and I have exhibited internationally, lectured and taught art and design to both children and adults at further education level and I  want to share my experiences with you by opening up my artist’s  studio The Shed with the Chandelier to the virtual world.

Many have told me they have loved visiting my studio and want to create the same or even just to begin on their own creative journey. I believe in encouraging others to be what they should be – individual and unique. I mentor other creative individuals to bring their dreams into reality. I haven’t always had a studio: the kitchen table, a hotel room, small apartment, living areas, even cabins of ships have all become my place of work in various countries at one time or another…

The Shed with the Chandelier also offers insights into the lives of truly creative people. Sharing tips and interviews on how to live a creative and inspiring life. Through the conversations with international artists, best-selling authors, composers and award-winning filmmakers, I hope to shine the light a little brighter on what it is to live a real creative life by talking to people who are doing it, so that you too can be inspired to live your own creative life. 

PS I am bionic too! I am alive with the help of an implanted pacemaker and although I don’t like labels: Dyslexia is one that has be applied to me also I know the benefits of both. So let’s just say I have a bit of empathy for those trying to do it all – really wanting to life to the full ! So come and have a chat:

Join in the conversation on the blog or on twitter or Facebook or contact me for personal mentoring too.. I look forward to talking to you and send you greeting from the Shed with the Chandelier.