Tracy talks to composer Alasdair Nicolson

Posted on June 29, 2012 by in Composers, Inspiration

Today I want to share a conversation with Alasdair Nicolson; composer, international music festival director, conductor and performer. I really appreciate the time Alasdair spared to talk me to about the his working practice, the effect of education on the development of aspiring artists and the reality of living a creative productive life today in the 21st century.

Alasdair Nicholson’s work has been performed worldwide; he is ‘keeping it real’ by being out there working and performing with a portfolio of skills and shares his journey, which I believe, is relevant to many art forms. As Artistic Director of St. Magnus International Music Festival – the inspired dream of Sir Peter Maxwell Davis, he will soon take up the post of artistic director of the Bath International Festival. I enjoyed as ever talking to Alasdair and I hope you do to.

Photo copyright Paul Foster-Williams 

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  1. Another great conversation Tracy.

    Alasdair’s views on knowing your tools then doing whatever comes your way was interesting to hear. I’ve never been to the Orkney Isles and want to go there now.

    When Alasdair talked with passion about teachers needing to have done what they’re teaching about it came from the heart. I don’t fully agree with him but do agree that anyone learning should have access to those ‘currently doing’ and he obviously does a lot of that and has a passion for helping others.

    Next time I look at people on the train I will wonder what amazing music is being produced on the move!

    A great chat.

    Thank you both for letting me eavesdrop. xx